Purge of Dalaran

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Purge of Dalaran

Postby Talenthiel » Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:18 pm

The Purge of Dalaran

"Jaina’s gone over the edge. She’s imprisoning the Sunreavers and attacking those who resist. What’s worse,
the Silver Covenant has seized the opportunity to join the bloodshed."
- Grand Magister Rommath

Hello everyone,

I figured that with the massive event that the 'Purge of Dalaran' underway in roleplay, I would make a page on the Eye's forums to both show what the quest line was like for those who have not or do not intend to experience, but also to discuss what the events that occurred are and how we shall be responding to them on an IC basis. This page will be littered with spoilers for anyone who may wish to still complete the quest line, so if that is the case, do not read any further than this!

I will have several titles, dedicated to the IC events that have occurred on mostly Horde side, references to where we see the information, links to pages and videos, quotes from the quest text (as well as references and images taken during the Purge) and even areas for people to write down characters of theirs (or related to theirs) and their fates, such as imprisonment or death. This is a major event that will essentially effect most Blood Elf RP'ers, so we must focus on it!


The entire quest chain leading up to the Purge of Dalaran is a long one which has many contributing factors to the event, as well as events such as Theramore's destruction and the betrayal of Thalen Songweaver. However, the operation that truly leads up to Jaina's purging of the Sunreaver's would be the 'Darnassus Operation', the quest you receive before the Dalaran chain itself.

Falnyr Silverthorn, an elf who has been helping you through the quest chain thus far, makes a portal for you within Domination Point which leads you outside of Darnassus. There, with several Sunreaver Agents, they maintain an invisibility shield while you - the player - sneaks into the city, with their magic shielding you from view. Within the city, you infiltrate the Cenarion Enclave and delve into one of the Barrow Dens. Inside, you find the Divine Bell and teleport it back with you.

Garrosh is desperate to get his hands on the bell, hence using several Sunreavers - who are presumably double-agents with allegiance to the Horde, not just the neutral Sunreavers - to go about reclaiming this bell which Darnassus managed to get their hands on before the orcs. Now, Jaina follows the arcane trace the player leaves which soon leads to a portal to Dalaran, leading her to figure out Sunreaver turncoats were involved.

The Purge of Dalaran

Sent by Nazgrim on a magical wyvern (don't ask), the player arrives in Dalaran's main sewer pipe to be greeted by Grand Magister Rommath, who briefs them on the situation, which goes as follows:

"Good... you’ve arrived. It’s not a good day to be Horde in Dalaran. Jaina’s called for the exile of all the Sunreavers. You and I are going to save as many as we can - including Archmage Aethas Sunreaver himself - and then get out of here as fast as possible.

Compared to the rest of the city, this part of the sewers is relatively calm. This is good - we can extract more Sunreavers in peace than we can in war. Find as many citizens as you can. Tell them that it is not safe here, that they must leave the city at once. And try to stay clear of the Silver Covenant. We don’t want to cause a scene if we can avoid it. Not yet, anyhow."
- Grand Magister Rommath

The first order of business is to send the Sunreaver's located within Dalaran's sewers back to Silvermoon on the Grand Magister's behalf. If you investigate, you find some odd sights. Sunreaver civilians being beaten by Silver Covenant Ranger's in hidden corners and beneath walkways, threatening them with weapons and death. If you try to help these Sunreavers, the Silver Covenant will attack you, proclaiming 'Death to the Sunreavers!' and so forth. The Sunreaver civilians can give some interested flavour text if spoken to.

"There I was, minding my own business, enjoying a nice game of cards when these Silver Covenant... slugs
came around telling us to hand over our belongings."
- Displaced Sunreaver

After saving these Sunreavers, you continue on and begin to find open conflict in the sewers. Killing some of the Silver Covenant's agents and one particular Arcanist who hung a Sunreaver woman above a shark - only then to drop her in when engaged in combat, showing the brutal lengths they are dipping to in this - you then follow the Grand Magister out of the sewers and into Dalaran's centre, where you shall make your base of operations by Tirion Fordring's statue. There, several elite Sunreavers await in defence.

"If we’re to survive up above ground, we’re going to need a base of operations. I’m going to try to take the center of the city. It’s risky, but hopefully Jaina and the Silver Covenant won’t expect it. Stay by my side now."
- Grand Magister Rommath

From here, you get three missions. Now, it is very important you remember that the Alliance side version of the purging has already taken place, the Horde one following shortly after it. At this point, Vereesa and Jaina have already trapped Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, assassinated the shop keepers, killed notable Sunreavers - such as Magister Brasael - and dealt with the Sunreaver's personal Dragonhawks. The Horde's side is mostly picking up the pieces and salvaging what they can.

The three missions are as follows: freeing the Sunreavers captured Dragonhawks, killing the Alliance troops near the monument to Antonidas and also searching for Aethas in the Silver Enclave. While you do this, many Sunreavers flee through the streets of Dalaran, being cut down by Alliance forces who they veer too close towards. Jaina Proudmoore patrols the streets with two colossal Water Elementals, who attack the fleeing Sunreavers, either teleporting them to the Violet Hold for imprisonment or killing them outright. Note, these Sunreavers wear civilian clothing and are not armed (their magic aside).

Note: the elf keeping the prisoners at the Violet Hold is Archmage Lan'dalock, who seems to have sided with Jaina and the Silver Covenant in the purge. As a Horde player, however, you are given the chance to kill him.

"As I suspected, it gets worse up ahead. The Silver Covenant is outright attacking innocent Sunreavers! This cannot stand. While our prime directive is to rescue Aethas Sunreaver, we must also protect as many blood
elves as we can. I will continue to scout ahead."
- Grand Magister Rommath

These three missions are relatively simple. At Antonidas Memorial, a mixture of human soldiers and priestesses patrol and kill passing Sunreaver forces (or are killed by, in a few cases I witnesses). It is a relatively straight forward mission, but it is important to note that some of them are wearing the Theramore tabard.

Visiting the Silver Enclave, the area is mostly deserted save Arcanist Rathaella who stands guard at the Enclave's centre. After engaging and killing her, you find that Archmage Aethas Sunreaver has not been stored within the Silver Covenant's base of operations, but will either ben found in the Violet Hold or the Violet Citadel.

Finally, you move to Krasus' Landing to help the captured Dragonhawks. Patroling the area is a massive Arcane Guardian who oversees the Dragonhawks, who seem to be kept stationary in an arcane enchantment, ensuring the fleeing Sunreavers have no chance at escape from the city. Killing the Silver Covenant nearby, you proceed to free the Dragonhawks from the magic entrapping them and return to the Grand Magister.

"The Sunreavers keep their dragonhawk mounts on Krasus' Landing. Take this dust, and use it to render them incapable of flying. Or kill them. I don't care." - Ranger General Vareesa Windrunner

Returning to Rommath, you are given another task: moving into the Sunreavers Sanctuary and rescuing four VIP's from the area, who are either being cornered by the Silver Covenant agents or are being held prisoners within rooms in the Sanctuary, under house arrest. The four Sunreavers are: Uda the Beast (don't ask), Magistrix Vesara, High Arcanist Savor, Magister Hathorel and Magister Surdiel. Using the 'Tear of the Sin'dorei', an elven object Rommath gives you with the capability to teleport people, you transport them away from harm and to safety.

It is interesting to note that if you explore the area also, as well as the buildings which vendors occupy, almost all the vendors are cowering in fear within their shops. Within the Legerdemain Lounge, an NPC cowers in a corner with her cat, crying. Quel'dorei vendors cower at their stools, weapon vendors stand aggressively at their shop entrance and it seems everyone is in a state of panic. The Silver Covenant's purging has everyone frightened and taken by surprise, even the Quel'dorei.

"Most shopkeepers in the Magus Commerce Exchange have sided with the Silver Covenant, but there remain a few holdouts that must be taken care of." - Ranger General Vereesa Windrunner

With all this done, there is only one place left for the Archmage to be: the Violet Citadel. Moving inside, you will find Mage-Commander Zuros suspending the Archmage in a magical field, to store him for Jaina Proudmoore. Killing him releases Archmage Sunreaver. Following this, you, Aethas and Rommath flee again into the sewers, taking leave from the Mage City. Returning to the pipe in which you arrived, you leap from the edge to find Dalaran suspended above ocean, clearly having left Northrend and on the move elsewhere.

Landing on the back of a Dragonhawk, you fly to safety, to then take a portal into the Court of the Sun within Silvermoon city, where the injured Sunreavers - as well as Lor'themar - await you.

"We’ve looked everywhere he’s likely to be; except for one place: the Violet Citadel. Find out if Archmage Aethas is being held within the citadel. We may get lucky. If not... at least we saved a number of lives
- Grand Magister Rommath

Surrounded by Arcane Sentries, Silvermoon Guardians awaiting aggressively at the Dalaran portals and injured Sunreavers laying in various states of agony around the Court of the Sun, the Divine Bell which Garrosh had you steal stands in the centre of the courtyard, standing menacingly above the proceedings. A conversation between the Sin'dorei leaders (except Halduron who stands silent) then takes place:

Lor’themar Theron yells: Aethas! You’re alive.

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Thanks to this hero, a few of us made it out of there. Many more have been sent to the Violet Hold.

Lor’themar Theron says: Anar’alash denal! Will someone tell me WHAT is going on in Dalaran?

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Proudmoore! She’s gone and expelled the Sunreavers from the city. She’s purging the Horde from the Kirin Tor!

Lor’themar Theron says: She’s gone too far. I’m certain the Alliance can move their war mages through the city at will. That human ... witch!

Lor’themar Theron says: When will they learn? When will they see that the Horde exists BECAUSE of the Alliance? Because of their prejudice and their bigotry!? They force us ever closer to Hellscream’s Horde.

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: My Lord...

Lor’themar Theron says: Hal’duron, summon the rangers. Rommath, assemble the Blood Magi, and add the Sunreavers’ strength to your own.

Lor’themar Theron says: We Sin’dorei will take our future into our own hands.

Lor’themar Theron says: And get this damn thing out of my sight! Hellscream bought his treasure with the blood of my people. I hope it destroys him.

Grand Magister Rommath says: My Lord. YOU would make a fine Warchief.

Lor’themar Theron says: It may come to that. Bring me my blades. The next move is mine.

This concludes the Purge of Dalaran segment of the storyline, which then turns into Breath of the Darkest Shadow. But, that does not involve Blood Elves, so it is clearly not important.

"My people, who have suffered through so many challenges and betrayals, look to me to secure their future."
- Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron

What This Means

With that, Dalaran is no longer a neutral city, but now firmly within the grip of the Alliance. It raises a curious question as to the fate of the Kirin Tor. Will some of its members defect under Jaina's new rule? Will its numbers be replaced with skilled Alliance magi rather than the more peaceful members of the Kirin Tor's ranks? What part will the Silver Covenant now play in the institution? I expect we will see these answered soon, but Horde now have no place among it whatsoever.

For the Blood Elves, this event is massive. This is the second time both humans and the Kirin Tor have betrayed them. In regards to humans, this bares semblance to the bigotry of Grand Marshal Garithos who almost destroyed the newly founded Blood Elves when imprisoning them within the prisons of Dalaran, while the Kirin Tor did nothing but stand back and watch, offering no help to the imprisoned Sin'dorei. This event was told by Grand Magister Rommath within the story 'In the Shadow of the Sun'.

That both parties have turned on them and betrayed them again, due to the rogue activities of several Sunreaver Agents, will be a massive blow again the Sin'dorei and it will leave a sour taste in their mouths. Especially as a great deal of Sunreavers are now locked within the Violet Hold, their fate uncertain as of yet. Likely prisoners of war, to be used as a threat and bargained with on whim.

With the Sunreavers now within the Magisterium's ranks, the Blood Elves will loathe the newly established Kirin Tor beneath Jaina Proudmoore and have a reignited hatred for the Quel'dorei, following the Silver Covenant's activities. It raises an interesting question, if the Quel'dorei pilgrims will be denied entry into the Sunwell following this? One we likely shall not see answered. This may also reignite hatred for the Horde or at the very least Garrosh, who is ultimately just as much - if not more - of an instigator in this then Jaina and Vereesa.

It may also be worth saying that the Court of the Sun was sanctioned off by guards while the Divine Bell was within its confines, when the Sunreavers and Rommath then arrived to tell Lor'themar of the news.

Please feel free to theorycraft in the comments on things I have said or ideas of your own!

Dalaran In Motion

As we see when we leap from Dalaran's pipe line, it is situated above the ocean. It is moving from Northrend to a new location - likely either Dalaran Crater of Theramore Crater - to act as a new city for the Alliance, a bastion for its magi and a stronghold in its war against the Horde's forces. It is not merely a bug that Dalaran's situated above the ocean either, as Dave Kosak confirmed this over twitter.

As Dalaran's on the move, it is fair to say that both Horde (obviously) and Alliance should refrain from using it, visiting it or RP'ing within it at present, at so much is still to be answered regarding the Mage City.

Dave Kosak's tweet: https://twitter.com/DaveKosak/status/279439327535194112

Elves Affected

Lor'themar Theron: Lor'themar is by all means a simple elf. Not mentally, he has proven to be sharp and able to handle elves like Rommath well enough, but he still considers himself a Ranger at heart. He is battered and bruised over the year of struggle and betrayal and this only makes matters worse. Having been making secret arrangements with Varian Wrynn about joining the Alliance and returning to their fold, these were crushed by the purging of Dalaran. Completely.

With an increased loathing for both the Alliance and the Horde (primarily its Warchief), Lor'themar now faces a decision. Does he continue to bend knee to the mongrel who uses his people as fodder and disregards their lives for his wild decisions and reckless ways, or does he stand up and show resistance to the monster that is Garrosh? One thing is for sure, he will choose what is right for his people, whether they see this or not.

Grand Magister Rommath: The Grand Magister pulled out the stops this time round. Actively leading the rescue mission into the heart of Dalaran, defying the Kirin Tor, Jaina and Vereesa by infiltrating the city and saving their most prized captive, Aethas Sunreaver. He shows a clear hate for both Alliance and Silver Covenant, offering the dogs no mercy for what they have done.

It is nice to see a more morally ambiguous character showing their power off for once, because Halduron Brightwing easily could have filled this role within the quest. With the Sunreavers now amongst his magi, the Grand Magister will be Lor'themar's closest ally in whatever decision comes next. And to think, he was just going to be a Twilight Hammer infiltrator.

Aethas Sunreaver: Aethas Sunreaver has lost everything. His achievement in granting the Horde sanction into Dalaran, his establishing of the Sunreavers, his part within the Council of Six: it is all gone. With all this taken from him, the Archmage now returns to Silvermoon and amongst his kin will likely aid the Grand Magister in Lor'themar's next move, whatever that might be.

Halduron Brightwing: The same elf who invited Vereesa Windrunner and the Silver Covenant into their lands several years ago, Halduron now must come to terms with the fact he invited an elf who went on to slaughter his kin into the homeland he swore to protect. The Ranger General's Quel'dorei-friendly approach will be firmly shaken, as might public opinion of his previous choice.

Lady Liadrin: Preach about the sanctity of the light now, you harlot.

Falnyr Silverthorn: The elf responsible for Jaina discovering the Sunreaver's supposed betrayal, there is a likelihood that Falnyr will be coming to blame by the Triumvirate of Silvermoon, unless his part in all this slips through the cracks and he remains unseen. However, I am sure Garrosh will be pleased with his efforts. Be it the Warchief's threatened to remove his head if he ever defies his orders again, perhaps Falnyr's fully beneath Garrosh Hellscream's thumb at present, rather than Silvermoon's own.

The Sunreavers: Now evicted from their home and fused into the Magisterium, the Sunreavers will be an extremely bitter people at present. Most of them were innocent in all of this, of the Kirin Tor's betrayal - and the slaughter by the Silver Covenant - will not be forgotten and vengeance will be on their minds. Many still remain locked within the Violet Hold, many friends of Sunreavers who escaped, perhaps even family, not to mention all their possesions lost within Dalaran. Everything may be at take for them.

Who is to Blame?

Jaina Proudmoore: This is the obvious one, by all accounts. Archmage Jaina Proudmoore saw that there was another case of a Sunreaver acting as a double-agent for the Horde and from that chose to purge the entirety of the Sunreavers - of which many were likely still loyal to the Kirin Tor - from Dalaran, by force. That her forces were already stationed in the city was questionable, that she chose the Silver Covenant to aid her was foolish and that so many were killed was carnage.

Equally, Jaina's hypocrisy does begin to shine through. Having already used the city for Alliance purposes in 'The Tides of War' and in this expansion, she destroys the Sunreavers for doing that same thing. Equally, her claims of Theramore's innocence when facing Garrosh's attack were always false, be it Theramore Highway supplied the Alliance with the troops, tanks and equipment to demolish Taurajo and the Southern Barrens from Horde control.

However, Jaina's instability and violent reactions can be expected from a human put through what she has. Her entire kingdom was destroyed by a savages whims, she failed her people by not expecting his motives and lost not only her people, but so many close friends in the process. Electing her as Dalaran's leader was a foolish decision by the Six and how much can she really be blamed for reacting as she did? Not a great deal.

Garrosh Hellscream: The instigator of this all. Garrosh Hellscream's actions in recruiting Sunreavers as infiltrators, wasting Sin'dorei lives in acquiring the Divine Bell, destroying Theramore and antagonising Jaina Proudmoore are all the main factors that lead to Dalaran's purge of the Sunreavers. In his mission to wield the Divine Bell, he threw away many Blood Elves lives and does so without shame and without regret, he will likely be held just as accountable for the purge as Jaina Proudmoore herself.

Vereesa Windrunner: The Quel'dorei who staunchly opposes the Sin'dorei and is now widowed with the death of her husband, Rhonin Redhair (please never return), Vereesa displayed a remarkable vicious streak in removing the Sunreavers from Dalaran, as well as a particularly bloody and brutal display showed by her subordinates. Likely supplying a grim influence upon Jaina Proudmoore, Vereesa should be held accountable for the actions of the Silver Covenant and as one of the key figures in the Sunreavers removal.

Falnyr Silverthorn: The Blood Elf whose portal gave away the rogue Sunreaver involvement in the Divine Bell's capture, Falnyr's portal was traced back to Dalaran, jeopardising the Sunreavers and leading to their purging from Dalaran. Using his connections as a Sunreaver and exploiting them, he forged the portal to Darnassus and worked on the Warchief's behalf, therefore holding responibility for the resulting purge.

Your Own Character

Many Sin'dorei will be affected by this, both as Sunreavers and as elves who know Sunreavers. If you wish to write the fate of any of your own characters from Dalaran within the comments, I shall dedicate a portion of this to writing out the fates of those characters and their current status following Dalaran!

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Quest Videos

Alliance side:
- Darnassus part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjlXAo5C42Y
- Dalaran part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70AIowEbp_g

Horde side:
- Darnassus part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMdPujdcPTg
- Dalaran part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ6z6nTCV7w
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Re: Purge of Dalaran

Postby Reliara » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:48 am

From here, you get three missions. Now, it is very important you remember that the Alliance side version of the purging has already taken place, the Horde one following shortly after it. At this point, Vereesa and Jaina have already trapped Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, assassinated the shop keepers, killed notable Sunreavers - such as Magister Brasael - and dealt with the Sunreaver's personal Dragonhawks. The Horde's side is mostly picking up the pieces and salvaging what they can.

The three missions are as follows: freeing the Sunreavers captured Dragonhawks, killing the Alliance troops near the monument to Antonidas and also searching for Aethas in the Silver Enclave. While you do this, many Sunreavers flee through the streets of Dalaran, being cut down by Alliance forces who they veer too close towards. Jaina Proudmoore patrols the streets with two colossal Water Elementals, who attack the fleeing Sunreavers, either teleporting them to the Violet Hold for imprisonment or killing them outright. Note, these Sunreavers wear civilian clothing and are not armed (their magic aside).

Just picking out this in particular. The shopkeepers are not assassinated. The Alliance player goes in with the intention of arresting them (On Vereesa's orders). The shopkeepers immedietly aggro with a provocative statement and start throwing magic about, blatantly resisting arrest. My point being you can't say this is game mechanics, or if you do then I'll also say that it's game mechanics that Alliance soldiers in Dalaran automatically aggro the Sunreavers running around in the streets. You can't pick and choose.

As for Jaina killing Sunreavers outright. Never saw that. They teleport away at low health.

Magic = Armed, as far as I am concerned. :P
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