BfA: Pre-patch Timeline

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BfA: Pre-patch Timeline

Postby Silvos » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:42 pm

Hello Eyelings!

With the events of the pre-patch drawing closer we wanted to offer you some info on how the Eye will be handling these events to make sure that everyone is on the same page. As of now, no official dates in regards to the sequence of the events are known, but we have had some hints via which we can determine our timeline.

Spoilers below!

05-07: News of skirmishes taking place in Ashenvale arrives.
17-07: The Horde forces push through, gaining the upper-hand.
24-07: At this point, Ashenvale has been conquered, meaning that Astranaar has fallen but that the Horde is currently kept at bay by the Kaldorei.
31-07: At this point, Darkshore has been invaded and the region turns into a warzone. Teldrassil was set ablaze and the Kaldorei civilians were evacuated. There will be some Eye-specific events in which we shall address the Teldrassil storyline over the course of these weeks.

<Over the week that follows, the Alliance prepares to and invades Tirisfal, destroying Brill and laying siege to the Undercity. The Horde gathers there to fend off the attack. The Eye will get involved in the server-wide campaign at this rate to represent these events.>

07-08: The Battle for Lordaeron scenario unlocks, heralding the loss of Undercity. This event will be followed by aftermath RP revolving the Thalassian Warhost.
14-08: Battle for Azeroth releases.

<After the expansion's release we will assume a temporary stalemate is reached in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. The Horde is building a new base in Arathi while the Alliance sets up in Stromgarde. Skirmishes are present throughout Hillsbrad, Silverpine, Gilneas, Alterac and Arathi. The same goes for Darkshore, Ashenvale, Azshara, The Barrens and Durotar. There won't be any events for some weeks to allow everyone to level up their characters. Once we're ready, it's campaign time!>
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