Events & Character Power

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Events & Character Power

Postby Silvos » Wed May 06, 2020 9:25 pm

In this post we will outline how the Eye handles in-game events as well as our perspective on character power. This post is not a rule set, though will serve as a guideline to our members.

Should any questions remain in regards to anything mentioned here, feel free to reach out to one of the Eye's officers.



During the Eye’s events NPCs will often be represented by raid markers. If your character performs a specific action in relation to one or more of these NPCs, use the matching marker(s) in your emote. This is done by typing the shape of the marker between brackets, for example {cross}. Especially if there are a lot of attendees for an event, having these markers included in the emotes will help the DMs keep track of things, and make it far less likely for your character's actions to be missed.


If the DM emotes a line ( ---------- ) this is an indication to pause all actions and movement. You may still emote about your character responding to the environment or other characters, just remain stationary as you do so.


During the Eye's events we will make use of rolls for chance-related situations. For example, if a NPC attacks the characters present the DM might emote "/roll, 30+ to avoid ability X" after which everyone will roll to see whether they are affected by the enemy's attack.


The emote of a DM marks the start of a ‘turn’. We ask our members to only perform one action or movement related emote each turn, so the DMs can more easily keep track of what your character is up to. Feel free to make a second emote should it concern non-movement or action related matters, for example verbally responding to other characters.


Keep in mind that portions of events may take place in ‘slow-motion’, especially combat-related situations. To ensure that NPCs are capable of responding to the movements of your character, only cover a short amount of distance each turn. Naturally, if your character charges it can cover a greater distance than another who simply walks. For example, make sure not to cross an entire enemy encampment in the span of a single turn.


Tying into the ‘slow-motion’ aspect mentioned above, also make sure your character does not perform too many different actions each turn. For example, do not run to NPC X to attack it, to then also run to NPC Y to attack it in a single turn.

Additionally, take the significance of your action into account. Feel free to use a turn to cast a spell of average power, though if your character seeks to perform a more powerful attack, take one or more extra turns to see to its preparations. The DM shall take this more extensive effort into account, whenever possible.

Offense & Defense

The DM will often indicate in their emote whether it is possible for characters to attack NPCs or, in turn, to defend allies against an NPC’s attack instead. In line with performing limited actions every turn, try to avoid performing offensive and defensive abilities and maneuvers in quick succession.

For example, if your character commits to inflicting harm, let that be your action for both the attack and defense-related turn. During a defense-related turn, characters who did not attack but instead kept vigil over their allies are capable of protecing their alies instead.

We have no plans to implement a rigorous system of attack and defense turns. If, however, the opportunity to attack and defend follow in quick succession in the DM’s emotes, simply consider for yourself whether your character is capable of defending others if they are in the process of attacking, and vice versa.


Sometimes the DM might specify a type of injury in their emotes, for example "/roll, 30+ to avoid a minor injury." Minor injuries concern wounds that do not end up extensively incapacitating a character, and allow for continued movement. Please try to keep this in mind so the flow of an event is ensured.

In general, we advise to avoid severe injuries until the characters have reached the event's final destination or the event is near its end. You are, however, always free to contact the DM to discuss your character getting severely injured at other moments.

Friendly Fire

DMs will keep the potential for friendly fire in mind. For example, unleashing a powerful area of effect attack upon a NPC surrounded by friendly melee fighters may get your allies hurt.

Character Power & Versatility

Despite us roleplaying in a high fantasy setting, we favor some realism when it comes to our events and the characters involved. No character should be able to solve every problem, defeat every foe, or be an expert in every field. Below are some points to take into consideration considering a character’s power.

• What are your character's skills?
• Which of those skills are they most proficient at, which less so?
• How were these skills acquired? At what cost?
• And, perhaps most importantly, what are your character's weaknesses?

During our events we'd like for every character present to have their moment to shine. Part of this responsibility lies with the DM, but we also ask that our members keep this in mind. If you play a character that has a wide variety of skills, deem this versatility and the opportunities it presents a boon in itself, and try to ensure that your character does not end up overshadowing other characters with a more specialized skill set.

For example, a discipline priest is capable of performing both Light and Void related spells and may thus apply their skills in more numerous situations than a solely Light or Void-specialized character. In that case, deem the ability to balance these two powers an expertise in itself, and ensure your character is not as well versed in both the Light and the Void as a Light or Void-specialized character of equal skill might be.
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